Nursing Student Care Plans

NurseHacks for Care Plan Writing!

  • Example Nursing Care Plans

    Care plans examples for nursing students; organized by major clinical topic, body system, or associated nursing class.  

    Example Nursing Care Plans
  • Nursing Student’s Guide to Writing a Care Plan

    Discover the basic elements of the nursing care plan, including how to properly composes an individualized nursing diagnosis, and learn why they are so important to future RNs and the nursing industry...

    Nursing Student’s Guide to Writing a Care Plan
  • What’s a Nursing Diagnosis?

    Understand the principles of the nursing diagnosis; including the structure, main types, and how to individualize the statement to a patient scenario.  

    What’s a Nursing Diagnosis?
  • Care Plan Products

    Our favorite products for composing student care plans: drug guides for nurses, lab references, care plan development books, and nursing diagnosis resources

    Care Plan Products

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